Ronnie Renner’s Ambulance

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Ronnie Renner’s Ambulance

We sure had fun making this build for Ronnie Renner, who is well known in the motocross circuit, and famous in the freestyle world.

With the top rails custom made, this vehicle will get Ronnie where he needs to go, and especially with what he needs to take with him. We made sure he had plenty of room for his bikes and tires. However, this wouldn’t quite feel complete without the custom sirens and loudspeaker!

Since Ronnie’s favorite color is orange, because it does match his personality quite well, we made sure to detail it with enough orange so it can match with all his other vehicles, because they are all, of course, mostly orange.

All wrapped up with a Hot Wheels logo and ready to go, we were glad that Ronnie was super stoked about this reveal! He introduced this vehicle to his Instagram followers (@rendawgfmx) as the “Loose Caboose,” but I think we will just call it “Ronnie Renner’s Ambulance.” Hope he had fun taking this to the 2014 X Games in Austin, TX!