Carl’s Jr Most American Commercial

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Carl's Jr America

Carl’s Jr Most American Commercial

Why did Carl’s Jr. put a split hot dog and kettle cooked potato chips on a Thickburger? Because America, that’s why.

For the most American Thickburger, the crew at Action Vehicle Engineering created the most American truck. Any fellow American would enjoy a jacuzzi tub in the back of their truck.

But to support the weight? Just simply fabricate two crew cab trucks together, and now you have a truck with 6 doors for more of your American friends. And to top it off, a full American flag wrap to complete the all American truck.

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Thomas Coker

July 27, 2015at 5:00 am

Just wondering how much a custom vehicle like that costs? Can the same application of the hot tub be done to an F150 or F250 or Dodge Ram/Chevy Silverado crew cab? How does the amperage work as well as the water flow. Can an eight person hottub work on a similar crafted bed? Y’all produce wow vehicles!!!

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