JFK International Airport

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JFK International Airport

A new addition of restaurants have been added to the JFK International Airport food court, and Action Vehicle Engineering was glad to be a part of it.

This set of restaurants entail a more “on the go” friendly snacking for a busy airport with a few vehicles incorporated into the overall design. Similar to street or food trucks that one can find throughout the busy streets of New York, many travelers have a variety of food to choose from, depending which “truck” or section they go to.

The crew at Action Vehicle Engineering fabricated both the blue “Global Food” 1950’s Metro Van and the classic VW Bus as envisioned in the finalized concept design and planning stages of the project. All this was ensured to meet all the standard requirements for food, safety, paint, plumbing, electrical and airport regulations, as well as functionality in terms of a working food truck or restaurant.

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