Fulfilling the Dream – Return to Snake River

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Fulfilling the Dream – Return to Snake River

Action Vehicle Engineering is excited to be a part of the Return to Snake River, launching soon! Below is a trailer documentary provided by Weiward of this incredible story.

Eddie Braun was born November 1961 in Southern California, where he was raised. Eddie began his career as a professional stuntman in 1979 after an inspirational meeting with his hero, Evel Knievel.

When Eddie was a young man in the 1970’s, he went to see Evel Knievel perform at the Ascot Raceway in Gardenia, California. After the event, Eddie personally met Knievel. The great daredevil put his arm around him and said,

‘Hey, listen kid, no matter what happens,
don’t let people say you can’t do anything.’

In over 30 years as a professional stunt coordinator, stuntman and performance driver, Eddie has appeared in over 1000 national commercials, motion pictures, television shows and music videos. Some of his film stunt credits include The Avengers, Sons of Anarchy, Two and a Half Men. Braun has worked alongside great actors and talent such as Jackie Chan, Charlie Sheen, Robert De Niro, and Madonna.

After a long and successful career inspired by Mr. Knievel, Eddie hopes to achieve the crowning highlight of his career by successfully coordinating and piloting the “Evel Spirit” rocket over the Snake River Canyon, thus fulfilling of the dream of his hero, Robert Craig “Evel” Knievel 40 years later.”

For more information on this exciting endeavor, please visit Team Evel Spirit