Infiniti Q60 Simulator

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Infiniti Simulator revised

Infiniti Q60 Simulator

With the new upcoming 2017 Infiniti Q60 coupe, the team at Action Vehicle Engineering built a custom Infiniti Q60 simulator, recently launched in Pebble Beach.

Complete with racing-style seatbelts, a white racing seat (with quilted inserts to remind you this is a luxury brand) and a real Infiniti steering wheel for added effect, this simulator lets you drive away on some of the most incredible roads around the world.

Created in a little over a seven and a half week period, the simulator tilts and can recreate G-forces as it takes you through roads including the Stelvio Pass in Italy and the Atlantic Ocean road in Norway. And not all of it is CGI; filming certain segments of these incredible roads was a requirement.

It is a must to try this virtual reality experience at an event, keeping in mind the beautiful views and the sounds of the real engine.