Car Prep

In a very specialized industry we offer only the very best and safest solutions to fit all production needs.

Custom Fabrication

We can turn any vehicle concept into a reality. We provide high quality work within production deadlines.


Whether you need to prep a vehicle for a stunt, rigging to execute the stunt, or need a stunt driver, we can make it happen.

Concept Design

Concept design is highly recommended before any custom build can start. We design with budget in mind.

Paint & Body

This service can range from light body work, to exact paint color match. We will advise what is best for every project.

Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wrap opens a number of customization possibilities, including advertising, and will not damage the paint.

Auto Transportation

We can transport your vehicles anywhere, especially for tours or events that may require some support.

Vehicle Sourcing

We will work with your production staff to source any vehicle ranging from brand new vehicles to used wrecked vehicles.



Squarespace van

Sally’s Seashells

Squarespace launched an advertisement campaign featuring none other than spiderman’s girlfriend Zendaya! It was the best commercial by far. The commercial was released during Super Bowl 2022! The crew at Action Vehicle Engineering really enjoyed being a part of this project. Please enjoy the video below to see Zendaya go from broke to Sally Seashell hotshot

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Mercedes-Benz Non-Stop Engineering

The first C-Class was already ahead of its time. Still, we never stopped making it more agile, more powerful and more intelligent. In this commercial for the 2019 iteration of the world’s most popular performance sedan, we see how the engineers of Mercedes-Benz never stop making the C-Class better—literally.

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Nationwide Jingle Sessions

Peyton Manning and Brad Paisley are back together to work on a new song for Nationwide. This year, Peyton surprises Brad with a tour bus, so they can hit the road for some songwriting inspiration. Peyton Manning thinks Brad Paisley’s Nationwide song should be about big life moments. Baby shower? Big. Life. Moment. While Peyton

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AAA Distracted Driving PSA

A sobering message the from Automobile Club of Southern California.

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Make It With Keanu Reeves

Squarespace launched an advertisement campaign featuring Keanu Reeves, and the best commercial by far was released during Super Bowl 2018. The crew at Action Vehicle Engineering really enjoyed being a part of this project. Please enjoy the video below to see Keanu ride his motorcycle, which is actually an Arch Motorcycle, a company owned by

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Freedom is Electric

Action Vehicle Engineering is proud to have played a huge part in the making of this project! Please enjoy the videos below! FREEDOM IS ELECTRIC EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW FULLY CHARGED

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