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Action Vehicle Engineering gives the option to transport your vehicles anywhere, whether it is just one vehicle or multiple, especially for tours and events that may require some additional support. With a huge variety of different transportation options, we are sure to find the right method for you. Our transportation vehicles can also be rented.

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This is a very specialized industry where “The Car is The Star” and here at Action Vehicle Engineering, we offer the very best solutions to fit all production needs. We take pride within ourselves on working within production budget and still meeting the high quality standards and deadlines the film and entertainment industry demands.


Concept design is highly recommended before any build can start. Many ideas go into a build, including upholstery and graphics, so we offer to show you exactly what it will look like before any time or money is spent. Therefore, both Action Vehicle Engineering and the client can have a full understanding of the desired build, without any worries. We will strive to create exactly what is envisioned, keeping in mind to not only deliver high quality work, but also remain within the desired budget.

We currently have our own concept designer, Yuri Ranum, who specializes in designing vehicles. He has been in the field of concept designing since 2003, and has a degree in not only Car Design from College of Creative Studies, but also in Entertainment Design from Art Center in Pasadena. To view more of his portfolio, click here.

Action Vehicle Engineering will take a concept and make it into a reality, and has worked with some of the best designers in the world to build some of the coolest cars. For instance, most recently we partnered with Mattel and Hot Wheels to bring some of their small toy cars to life, including the most recent Darth Vader Car, which exploded in the social media during the 2014 San Diego Comic Con reveal. Below are a select few vehicles that went through our custom fabrication treatment during the build.

Action Vehicle Engineering has recently added Paint and Body to available services. We no longer deal with outside vendors for paint, as we have extended our company with a Paint Shop. Therefore, we can oversee every process in car preps and custom builds. We have a highly skilled painter, with many years of experience. We strive to be the best in the business, and Action Vehicle Engineering is the one stop shop for all your vehicle needs.

Whether you need to prep a vehicle for a stunt, rigging to execute the stunt, or simply need a stunt driver, Action Vehicle Engineering can make it all happen. We specialize in making any vehicle ready for stunt driving. There are many different customization options for each specific stunt car, depending on the stunt itself. Keeping the driver safe is of utmost import to us, and some of the top stunt and precision drivers in the industry trust us to keep them safe.



Action Vehicle Engineering strives to be the best in every aspect, including getting those hard to find vehicles. We have stored vehicles, however we can locate any vehicle that the entertainment industry demands. This is thanks to all the strong client relationships we have made over the years, such as KMC Wheels. We can find anything, from motorcycles, to semi trucks, and even boats.

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The following are examples of vehicles that we can procure:

Vehicle wrap opens a number of customization possibilities, including advertising, and the best part about it is that it will not damage the paint! There are several vehicle wrap options, such as temporary or for long term. Most vehicles decrease in value when painted, therefore vehicle wrap is a great solution, especially when working with rented vehicles.

Below are some of the many projects that include custom vehicle wrapping.