Hot Wheels X-Wing Carship

Action Vehicle Engineering was pleased to partner with Hot Wheels for this special life-size build.

The iconic Star Wars X-wing Fighter has been reimagined as a high performance Hot Wheels Carship equipped with a 2.0 liter 16 valve DOHC engine and custom Slick tires to out-maneuver the Empire and save the galaxy. Unveiled at Comic-Con International in 2016 at the Hot Wheels booth.

It is the closest that a driver can experience flying an actual X-Wing through space. The carship can reach a top speed of 180 mph with the help of a 175 hp Ford Zetec race motor.

At first, Mattel worked closely with Lucasfilm on creating the new die cast toy version of the X-Wing. Modifications were made to ensure the appearance resembled the X-Wing in the movie while also creating a Hot Wheels product.

The next challenge was having a full-size race car look like a die cast spaceship toy blown up to true scale. Many adjustments had to be done to ensure an engine, brake system and a driver would fit. Click here to read the full article!